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Jewish Wedding in Cyprus

Get Married in the Land of Peace and Harmony – Traditional Jewish Wedding in Cyprus.

Cyprus indeed is a wonderful land! Land of legends and myths, land of sunny skies and azure sea, land of happiness and joy!

So it is not surprising, that here people of many different nationalities and many different confessions are living in peace and harmony - we are delighted to witness that every single day!

Every single day our company is organizing weddings - probably the most beautiful and long awaited celebration in people's lives. And every single day we are honored to congratulate our beloved newlyweds with their marriage.

Luxury hotels and ancient castles, incredible yachts and quiet Churches - just tell us, where your Dream Wedding shall be! And more than that.

Today we are proud to announce, that those couples, who are willing to have a Traditional Jewish Wedding in Cyprus are also able to have it without any doubts and without any delays.

At the present moment around 300 Jewish families are permanently living in Cyprus. They found their homes on this fruited land and they, of course, keep their traditions. There is a beautiful Synagogue, built in Cyprus thanks to the efforts of the Jewish community.

Wedding day is always one of the most precious and the most memorable days in our lives. Our company is making every possible effort to make this day really special for you. We are able to make your dreams come true and we truly enjoy it!

That's why we speak today to those, who are preserving deeply in their hearts the best traditions of their people: join us today, let us write together one of the most important pages of your life - your magnificent, your unforgettable Traditional Jewish Wedding!

jewish wedding in Cyprus

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