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wedding mistakes
29 Nov

Top 10 Wedding Planning Mistakes

Planning a wedding is a major undertaking. It's like the Super Bowl of events — a multi-day schedule, a dozen vendors, hundreds of guests.

20 Oct

Winter Weddings

Topical weddings are the trend that has steadily come into the wedding industry, and each year it is becoming more popular ever.

wedding veil
11 Oct

Wedding veil history

An image of a bride – wearing a white dress, airy and beautiful – is not completed without a bridal veil.

engagement ring
06 Oct

Oh, my engagement ring…

Who and when have ringed the first engagement ring on a finger of his beloved girl?

29 Sep

Bridesmaids and a groom’s friends

Bridesmaids and a groom’s friends – do you need them on a modern wedding ceremony?

14 Sep

Welcome zone on a wedding

A welcome zone is a trend, which is loved and used by many pairs and organizers.

07 Sep

A Buttonhole – the past and the future

The word “buttonhole” as translated from the French language means “a flower in a tab of a jacket”.

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