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Many couples are willing to have their Church Wedding in Cyprus and this is for a reason! Indeed, it is difficult to find a better place for a Christian Ceremony than this island - the true land of Christianity.

Church Wedding here can be held in one of the picturesque Orthodox churches. And for the representatives of other Christian denominations we can easily organize an amazing wedding in the Roman Catholic or Anglican Church.  Together forever - Church Wedding in Cyprus!


Love is always beautiful. It is always magical, it is always a fairy tale of two people, that are able to read from each other's hearts. And every love story - just like any fairy tale - needs, of course, it's own happy-ending ... Or shell we call it "happy beginning"?

Why so many couples all over the world are willing to have their Church Wedding in Cyprus?

One of the main reasons - is the island itself. Indeed, it is difficult to name more beautiful and more romantic place, than Cyprus - the true pearl of Mediterranean. But more than that: Cyprus is one of a very few places on Earth, that can be rightfully called "the cradle of Christianity". The entire history of this amazing island is deeply interconnected with mysteries and glory of the Christian religion itself.

So after all, it is not surprising that every year thousands of Christians from different countries would travel to Cyprus to have their Church Weddings here.

Despite that fact, that the predominant Church in Cyprus - is Orthodox, couples, that confess other Christian denominations, are also very welcome to have their Church Weddings in this incredible atmosphere of a breathtaking beauty and the arcane purity of our legendary island.

Our agency is organizing weddings in Anglican Churches and in Roman Catholic Churches in Cyprus, as well as in the Armenian Churches, that are built thanks to the efforts of Armenian community in Cyprus.

Cyprus is a place, where the laws are tolerant, service is always perfect, nature is marvelous and people are always friendly. What else one may need for an ideal and unforgettable Wedding? 

Church wedding in Cyprus



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