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Wedding in Lefcara


For the true fanciers of everything genuine - a very special Wedding in Lefkara! This remarkable village is situated not far from Larnaca. Lefkara is a fine example of the Cypriot national culture and its unique architectural appearance is simply unforgettable.

Dwellers of Lefkara are famous for their handicrafts. In particular, women of the village are skillfully weaving the lace of amazing beauty. They say that in 1481 this village was visited by Leonardo da Vinci, who was greatly impressed by the local lace.

Your Wedding ceremony in Lefkara will be held in the ancient patio and after this you may wish to take a walk along the streets of this legendary town and make some lovely photos for your wedding album.

Свадьба в Лефкаре


Свадьба в Лефкаре


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