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Paphos area

Municipal park of Paphos

Isn't it nice to have your Civil Wedding in the chapel at the central park of Paphos or on the top of the municipal park?

Sheltered in the shade of a century-an old alder this small chapel is a perfect place to celebrate the union of lives, to tell each other the most beautiful and romantic words. Take a walk under the old stone arches, stop by one of them, give each other a kiss, make a wish and bind the silver olive branch with a magical ribbon of happiness, peace and love.


Medieval Castle of Paphos

And how would you like a Wedding ceremony in the Medieval Castle of Paphos - right at the Kato Pafos port?

The Paphos port is the oldest one in Cyprus, built at the time of Alexander the Great.

The Medieval Castle was originally built by the Byzantines to protect the port of Paphos. It was destroyed and re-built in the 13th and 16th centuries. Later in the 20th century the castle was declared a historic monument and has been recognized as a hallmark of the region.

Kato Vrisi at Geroskipou

We also offer you to have your Civil Wedding in a place called Kato Vrisi at Geroskipou. It is built in the place of the ancient aqueduct and now it’s specially adapted to holding wedding ceremonies. According to the legend, there was one of the Aphrodite’s baths in this place, and the water supplied by the old water pipes, was going to "the sacred garden of Aphrodite." So the loving couples from all over the world today have a chance to get married in Kato Vrisi and may get a blessing form the goddess Aphrodite herself.

wedding in Paphos

Aphrodite birth place

Another significant place deeply connected with the name of the goddess of love and beauty - Petra Tou Romiu. This is one of the most amazing places in Cyprus. Ancient legend says that here Aphrodite was born and came to the earth out of the sea foam. The landscape here is so magnificent and the colors are so unique that you risk losing your sense of reality. And maybe that's exactly what you need for a perfect wedding!


Wedding Ceremony in Peyia is a wonderful choice for those, who would like to feel the lovely atmosphere of a traditional Cyprus. Peyia is considered one of the most attractive and hospitable places in the Paphos region. Located nearby the unique natural park with its pure landscapes and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, Peyia is famous for its picturesque central square, paved with stone and adorned with fountains. Houses of the village have strewn slopes of the mountains, providing a magnificent background for your memorable photographs. Your wedding here can be held in the fresh open air at the sea coast, in a fragrant flower garden or in a historical Municipality building. 

wedding in Paphos

And surely, we offer you the Pegeia Sea Caves for the nice and really cool beach wedding as well.


Свадьба в Пафосе, свадьба на Кипре


Vasilias Nikoklis

The vintage agro hotel near Paphos offers the best location for rustic wedding and accommodation as well

Свадьба на Кипре, свадьба в Пафосе


Gulf Club

The aristocratic wedding in the gulf club. We offer you Elea gulf club and Minthis Hills gulf club


Свадьба в Пафосе, свадьба на Кипре



One of the newest  locations for Paphos – is the municipal beach near the light house.

Свадьба в Пафосе, свадьба на Кипре


Polis municipality

An unique rustic place for couple who prepare silence and romantic.

Wedding in Cyprus, Polis

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