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Oh, my engagement ring…

engagement ring

Who and when have ringed the first engagement ring on a finger of his beloved girl?

The history tells nothing about it. According to some sources, he was an ancient Greek, in accordance with another sources – an Egyptian. The ancient people (Egyptians and Greek) are considered to have found a blood-vascular vena, while studying a human body, which leads directly from the ring finger to the heart.

The first engagement rings used to be plain, made from the materials at hand. In ancient Rome there appeared a custom, under which a bridegroom during the engagement used to present a metal ring to a bride’s parents, as a symbol of taking responsibility for the future wife.

In some countries a bride along with a ring was presented the keys as a sign that onwards she had been a mistress of a house. It was in that times that a ring became one of the signs that distinguished a married woman from an unmarried one.

There are many arguments on which hand one should wear a ring

As a matter of fact these rules are defined by the church, and have no great meaning in a social life. For instance, the Catholics most often wear a ring on the left hand, as Joseph ringed the virgin May a ring on the middle finger of the left hand. The Orthodox people wear a ring on the right hand as they cross themselves by the right hand as well.

However, there are scores of streams and branches in the Christianity that you may lose yourself. By the way, a ring as a sign of marriage – is the pagan custom, that used to come to religion, so it is better to follow your taste and convenience.

Engagement rings are worn on the right hand in the countries such as Ukraine, Republic of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Poland, Georgia, Chili, Norway, Germany, Austria, Greece, India, Spain and Venezuela. In the countries of the former USSR it is also typical after divorce or death of a spouse to change the hand of wearing a ring – widows and those divorced wear a ring on the left hand.

On the left hand engagement rings are worn during the marriage in such countries as Australia, Turkey, Azerbaidjan, Armenia, Cuba, Uzbekistan, Brazil, France, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Slovenia, Croatia, Sweden, the USA, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Korea, Syria, and Israel. By the way, under the Jewish customs a bride is ringed the forefinger. And during the ceremony of kidushin a bride is ringed the right hand, and then in an ordinary life she wears the ring on the left hand.

The Muslim lovers have no direct order and rules regarding engagement rings. Their wedding customs and ceremonies do not provide wearing rings, and there is no clear ban on it. Most often men have rings of silver and even metal, as the Islam does not allow wearing gold by men. As wearing a ring is the custom that used to come into Islam, the way on which hand to wear it is often defined by the geographic location of a country.

In the West traditions there are two rings

At first a girl wears a ring which she is given during the engagement, then during the church ceremony she is presented the second ring – a wedding one. If the first ring is made with a big stone, the best way with a diamond, the second one is smooth.

Endless circle, having no beginning and no end, symbolizes eternal love, and noble metal, most often – gold – is the symbol of purity and innocence. After a marriage a woman wears both rings on the same finger, though in some countries, for example, in Germany, a wedding ring shall be worn on the right hand and an engagement ring – on the left one (where it had been before the wedding).

That is why the decision what hand you should wear a ring on, mostly depends on your place of living and customs of this site. No one can forbid you from wearing a ring the way which is more comfortable to you. The most important thing is not a symbol of love, but love itself.




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